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The worlda longest indoor ski slope in Spain

Sunday, July 14th, 2013

The world’s only indoor ski area might get soon a big brother in Spain. This allows Costa Blanca be able to deliver swimming and skiing.


The city of Benidorm already has a large amusement park called Terra Mitica. But the authorities have now given all necessary permits for an additional one million square meters of rides. Or rather amusement. It is an indoor ski area, which has now been approved.


The Spanish Investors are still not quite ready to throw money in the huge project of But it is also the last thing that remains before construction can begin.

Market for indoor ski slopes are not so big. In fact, Dubai has the world monopoly with its location. Investors have gone into space to think, and if the project on the Costa Blanca becomes reality, the new slope to be the longest with roof on. There will be 1.5 kilometer piste available for future guests. In Dubai, there is only “paltry” 400 meters to romp on.


Five new stores on the famous shopping street in Malaga

In recent weeks, there have been less than five openings of new stores in shopping street calle Nueva Malaga center. Calle Larios and Calle Nueva Malaga are some of the coast’s best shopping streets.
Danish-owned Tiger Stores  is one of the stores that opened on Calle Nueva recently. Although wood pulp, Flormar, Dentix and Pan Granier has had new openings recently, property Marbella.
Despite the crisis, major investments in Málaga and the new establishments will be widely publicized in the press. New jobs have been created and the stores described as a breath of fresh air on calle Nueva which has recovered well despite the crisis.


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The cultural level of Marbella is very low.

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Marbella is not Monaco or Dubai, it is Marbella. A number of experts were gathered last Friday for a forum where it was discussed how Marbella will find itself and confidence, or rather the economic future. All experts agree that the engine in the future is tourism and tourist industy. So it was in the 1970s and it is now. The new ideology of Marbella is to find a unique profile in the coming tourists. It is all about luxury. It emerged during the debate and lecture which was organized by the communications company OAK Power on Friday.


It discussed the City’s geographic location, existing infrastructure and what is missing such a comprehensive cultural calendar. Restaurateurs emphasized sanitation, safety, and luxury stores as extra attractions. Marbella has 15.000 hotel beds, 627 restaurants and 154 bank offices but only four museums and 30 art galleries.


“The cultural level of Marbella is very low,”said Sophie Gravier, member at Polígono Gallery who want to Marbella to Europe Miami. “Visitors can not and will not walk around and shop for 24 hours, there must be another choice as well. I have met clients with high purchasing power who have left Marbella because they think it’s too boring, “says Sophie Gravier to the newspaper La Opinion de Malaga.


According to several observers have security and multiple locations tidied up; it is particularly true of the marina Puerto Banus. Furthermore, the municipality’s banks become better at providing loans and mortgage to buyers of Marbella apartments and Marbella villas, if it be more owners of luxury propery Marbella, comes more money with the buyers to the commune.The owner of the entertainment magazine Essential Marbella, Andrea Böijti says that prostitution in the area is also a big problem.


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Last years best and worst housing markets in the world.

Monday, May 30th, 2011

House prices in Dubai market has foundered in the past year and in the Baltic’s, it is also bad. In Central Europe and in Israel has the prices are rising.

It is the UK valuation firm Knight Frank, which has produced a summary of the global housing market. The company has looked into the prices of houses between the third quarter of 2009 and the same period 2010.


Overall, the world’s housing markets have recovered over the past year and more than two thirds of the 42 countries that Knight Frank unit has experienced price increases over the last three months. Despite this, the average price levels are lower in 60 percent of the country than they were a year ago:


“House prices will now rise in a clear majority of the countries included in the study. This can be compared with the second quarter, when prices rose in 50 percent of the countries,” says Liam Bailey, head of house analysis at Knight Frank.


Most of all has the prices raised in Israel. Here has the prices going up an average of 14 percent. Although Malta and Alpine countries Switzerland and Austria have seen sharp increases in house prices over the past year. During the last quarter, have the housing market in Singapore increased strongest and climbed by over 15 percent.


Sweden is among the countries in the minus column. The Swedish house prices have dropped, with 0.4 percent during the past year. This puts Sweden in the middle of the table.
Dubai has the worst problem. Prices have almost halves in the Emirate over twelve months.   With this place Dubai itself at the bottom of the list, before the two Baltic states of Estonia and Lithuania and Bulgaria.

Knight Frank also notes that several countries in Europe have not yet seen rising house prices during a single quarter after the credit crisis. These include Spain Ireland and Denmark. Specialty Marbella villas has the prices gone down with around 35% and Marbella apartments with 25%, so a property Marbella is 30% cheap now then 2009. It’s a good opportunity to buy a property to a really good price now.

Note. Knight Frank house price index is compiled using official data from each county’s statistical agency.


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Zapatero Looking for Oil Money to Save Spain Economic

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Spain and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero has rolled out the red carpet for Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who promised to invest three billion Euros in the Spanish savings bank sector. He was received with the greatest honors that included a banquet at the royal palace with not only the Spanish royal family and government, but also the personalities of the directors of the two football teams Real Madrid and Barcelona as well as acting couple Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.


During the official meeting yesterday between the Qatari emir, and Spanish Prime Minister, did they signed four important treaties on the establishment of a Spanish-Qatar’s collaboration, these contracts is about the Spanish sporting elites and the Qatar National Olympic Committee and several bilateral issues on energy, infrastructure, transport and safety .


And it strongly suggests that the Spanish government is completely obsessed with getting their hands on more oil money, it’s not just cooperation with Qatar, and it is also with Norway. Agreement with Qatar is in fact in line with Zapatero’s trip to Oslo last September, where he was during an discussion with Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who promised imminent investment by the Norwegian pension fund, which is among the worlds largest.


 Qatar, according to the IMF the world’s richest countries, particularly because of its huge gas and oil reserves. Qatar is in the same line as the Emirates, a country with a rapid development and major infrastructure projects. The country’s presidents and prime ministers is the Emir, and it is he who appoints the government. It has no form of political institution or political party. Zapatero has in recent months has focused on foreign investment in Spain, which have included trips to not only Qatar, but also Dubai, Singapore and China in particular.


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