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Spain uncertain political situation, foreign investors backing

Thursday, June 4th, 2015

Foreign investment in Spain has stalled, the unstable political situation and legal uncertainties identified as two reasons. “We need stability for investing in a country,” said a businessman after having taken note of the information from the Spanish central bank Banco de Espana we have begun to see the flight of capital from the country.

Investors took out 19.4 billion Euros from Spain in March compared with the same month last year when it invested 900 million Euros. In February left 800 million Euro Spain.

During the first quarter of this year, it is a loss of 14.9 billion Euros of the sums that flowed into or out of Spain.

The unstable political situation creates uncertainty when foreigners want to invest. This also applies to major metropolitan areas such as Madrid and Barcelona who may miss out on investment by Manuela Carmena and Ada Colau as mayor and left populism on the agenda according to critics.

International investors want to see reforms that stimulate the economy. Many of the reforms that Spain’s current government conducted wants opposition parties to tear up after a possible election victory at the general election to be held either on 22 or 29 November.

Left governance in Marbella comes closer

It leans more and more to be a left alliance will control the municipal building in Marbella. Socialist Jose Bernal says he is quite adamant. The local party in San Pedro, Opción Sampedreña OSP, and party leader Rafael Piña had yesterday 2 June a meeting with the Partido Popular Ángeles Muñoz.

Later in the evening June 2 were met cloverleaf symbol PSOE, OSP, Costa del Sol Sí Puede (Podemos) and the United Left IU, a meeting that lasted between the hours of 18:20 to 22:30. According to the newspaper Diario SUR, the four parties agreed on one eleven-point program which includes more transparency and lower fees.

According to the newspaper will Rafael Piña to have a new meeting with Ángeles Muñoz Tuesday, June 3. “If we are talking about confidence, we are four parties closer together,” says Piña and continues it will be difficult for the Partido Popular to agree to our demands.

“There is no doubt that the new council will work for a change of June 13,” says Rafael Piña, property Marbella.

Also the newspaper daily La Opinión de Málaga writes that a left-hand drive Marbella is getting closer but that the meetings and talks between the parties will continue during the week.


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He has Marbella municipality in their political hands
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PSOE is the largest party in the Spanish Andalucia today

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

If it were regional elections in Spanish Andalucia today would Socialist PSOE become the largest party. Partido Popular would get nearly twice as many votes as the new protest party Podemos. It shows a recent poll from Egopa (Estudio General de Opinion Publica de Andalucia) at Granada University.

On 22 March is it the regional elections in Andalucia. The survey shows that the PSOE currently receive 6.1 percent more votes than the Partido Popular . PSOE leader in Andalucia Susana Diaz is one of the few social democratic politicians who seem to have success on the political front in Spain.

PSOE would get 35.2 percent of the vote, followed by the Partido Popular with 29.1, Podemos, 14.9 and United Left IU receiving 8.4 percent. This means that the two largest parties get 64 percent of the vote.

At the last regional elections became the Partido Popular largest party but kept the PSOE government power in Andalucia by means of an alliance together with the United Left IU. Earlier this year announced Susana Diaz election in Andalucia held on 22 March.

The coastal train a multi broken promise by the Spanish Government

The expansion of the local train on the Costa del Sol has announced no less than 30 times in the last 15 years, usually in conjunction with regional or government elections.

Diario Sur tarnishing a big part of the hopes the latest news on the extension of the coastal train brought. Since May 1999, an expansion namely announced a full 30 times, but the project has yet come close to reality.

Spain Industry Minister Ana Pastor said that the expansion of the coastal train to Marbella property is a priority, and lately, the mayor also east of Málaga called for a connection to and including Nerja.

Second Hands properties upturn in the market in Spain

The number of properties sold in Spain rose last year by 2.2 percent compared to 2013.

These are the first rise at the national level for the broking business since the crisis started in 2008. It was the second properties which contributed to the turnaround, with sales up 18.4 percent and a total of close to 200,000 items. Unit sales of newly constructed items amounted to just under 120,000, which was 16.9 percent less than the year before.

The reason for recovery is considered both be greater access to credit but also foreign investment.  have fallen on average by 40 percent since the crisis began, although the fall was less in areas where foreign demand is greatest.

But the figures are totally misunderstood because a property in Spain is defined as used / second-hand property if it is more than two years old, which today is 100,000′s of newly built and unused property is, so the numbers will increase each year until the banks and builders have sold of their stocks of newly built properties.


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British Barclays bank has been bought by Spanish CaixaBank

Friday, January 9th, 2015

The big Spanish bank Caixa has continued current growing pains and takes over another competitor. This time a foreign bank, the Spanish bank Caixa bought the famous British bank Barclays Spanish department and take over most of their activities in Spain.

CaixaBank has posted a variety amounts on the table and took over the Spanish part of the British-based bank, Barclays. 820 million Euros had CaixaBank paid for gaining control over most of Barclays in Spain. Investment department remain in the British hands.

CaixaBank takes over including 2,400 employees and they will get to experience change. Their new administrative director, Isidre Faine, has said that the working conditions should be restructured.

It is still unclear what the concrete will mean for many of the Barclays employees in Spain, it can be downsizing, relocation or new conditions.

Visually, there will also be changes of the kind that can be seen from the street. Barclays will retain its name and largely also its familiar logo. Property Marbella, It will in future be CaixaBank Group in small letters below the Barclays.

The Barclays 550,000 customers in Spain will not face a change in the negative kind. In return, they will be used Caixa 9,600 cash machines without paying fees.

With the acquisition of Barclays continues the great Spanish bank CaixaBank their growing pains. Over the past four years, CaixaBank also acquired the Spanish banks Banco de Valencia, Banca Cívica, BankPime and Caixa Girona.

Foreign investors turning Spanish region Catalonia their backs

Foreign investment in the Spanish region of Catalonia fell by 45 percent during the independence process in Catalonia. At the same time increased the sales of foreign operations by 42 percent, according to figures from the Ministry of Finance.

From January until September 2014 decreased foreign investment in the region of Catalonia by 45 percent compared to the same period in 2013. The figures it’s about 1.999 billion euros and 1.094 billion euros.

According to one study, investor interest in the Spanish region of Catalonia cooled to instead concentrate on the rest of Spain. “Uncertainty and political risks are often negative effects on attracting the interest of investors,” says the report.

Foreign investors have bet five times as much in Madrid than they have invested in Catalonia. According to CCC (Convivencia Cívica Catalana) has been the decline in investment in Catalonia occurred in parallel with the increased interest in investing in the rest of Spain.

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Number of evictions from property in Spain still increasing

Spanish unemployed do everything to earn some money

The inhabitants of Catalonia wants to belong to Spain

Strong increase in foreign tourists to Spain this year

Spain first female state prosecutor appointed

Montserrat Caballe sentenced six months prison for tax evasion

Russian ruble plummet and the Russian market has stalled

Marbella municipality reports the economic upswing

Spanish Welcomes the political thaw between the US and Cuba

Spain Prime Minister Rajoy had to take back his statements

Marbella former mayor Marisol Yague will be prosecuted again

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Spanish leading judges require resources to fight corruption

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Spain Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy say the crisis over

San Pedro new boulevard open with three days of festivities

Four out of ten earn less than 645 Euros monthly in Spain

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Zapatero Looking for Oil Money to Save Spain Economic

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Spain and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero has rolled out the red carpet for Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani, who promised to invest three billion Euros in the Spanish savings bank sector. He was received with the greatest honors that included a banquet at the royal palace with not only the Spanish royal family and government, but also the personalities of the directors of the two football teams Real Madrid and Barcelona as well as acting couple Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith.


During the official meeting yesterday between the Qatari emir, and Spanish Prime Minister, did they signed four important treaties on the establishment of a Spanish-Qatar’s collaboration, these contracts is about the Spanish sporting elites and the Qatar National Olympic Committee and several bilateral issues on energy, infrastructure, transport and safety .


And it strongly suggests that the Spanish government is completely obsessed with getting their hands on more oil money, it’s not just cooperation with Qatar, and it is also with Norway. Agreement with Qatar is in fact in line with Zapatero’s trip to Oslo last September, where he was during an discussion with Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who promised imminent investment by the Norwegian pension fund, which is among the worlds largest.


 Qatar, according to the IMF the world’s richest countries, particularly because of its huge gas and oil reserves. Qatar is in the same line as the Emirates, a country with a rapid development and major infrastructure projects. The country’s presidents and prime ministers is the Emir, and it is he who appoints the government. It has no form of political institution or political party. Zapatero has in recent months has focused on foreign investment in Spain, which have included trips to not only Qatar, but also Dubai, Singapore and China in particular.


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