Role of New Orleans private investigator!

CRESCENT INVESTIGATIONS, LLC tells despite popular images and many people’s belief that detective agencies spend all their time trapping misleading spouses, most New Orleans private investigator plays a diverse role.

Follow-up consultations

Missing people lost contact or evasive debtors. There are many reasons why people want to meet other people. Due to a New Orleans private investigator extensive knowledge of public and private databases, these requests can often be made from the office.


There are a variety of reasons for this, from the stereotypical “fraudulent spouse” to insurance fraud, moonlight, and even mystery shopping. A good New Orleans private investigator should be able to do a basic “one-man follow-up” of an unfaithful colleague or, if necessary, organize a full surveillance operation to help a large corporate client.

Against espionage

For many large multinational companies, launching the latest product first can mean a lot of money, and they will do their best to steal ideas and designs. If a certain company is constantly hit by a certain rival in the market, it can be assumed that this rival has an internal man in company like CRESCENT INVESTIGATIONS.

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